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The staff of Guide of Hawaii understand how much time and effort go into planning the perfect Hawaiian experience, so we have put together a list of Kauai hand-picked tours and adventures for you to choose and purchase. These are our recommendations of the best the Garden Isle has to offer you. There are an incredible assortment of tours and activities to enjoy. Airplane tours, helicopter tours, hiking tours, whale watching, NaPali Coast and Waimea Canyon excursions, are just some of the many tours available for booking on Kauai. Also, we believe in paying it forward and giving back, so every tour or package booked on our site will have a dedicated portion of its proceeds set aside for sponsoring sustainable and environmental charities which help preserve the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

Kauai has a large variety of accommodations. Whether you are looking for a 5 star hotel or a secluded beach bungalow, you can find the perfect place to stay on the Garden Isle. Vacation rentals are very popular with prices ranging moderate to super luxurious. While there are very few budget accommodations on Kauai; several very nice beachside campgrounds provide a nice alternative for people who want the beachfront experience without the cost of a luxury hotel.

So you want to know about the most elite, beautiful, and stunning (natural) places that are really worth your time to stop and see? Well, you’re in the right place. Welcome to our Kauai Must See and Do area. Here you will find our personal recommendations for the top places to visit, and the best things to do. While only our suggestions, we think you’ll agree these places are the cream of the crop. If you’re looking for our personal top picks, then be sure to read our Best Kauai Vacation Activities article or check out our handpicked Kauai Tours. Kauai definitely has its fair share of gems to behold… after all, Kauai no ka oi (Kauai is the best)! Now lets check out the Kauai must see and do list.

When to visit Kauai

When to visit Kauai? It’s a good question, and it’s an easy answer – anytime! Seriously, Kauai has a remarkably stable weather pattern year-round. During the winter you’ll experience high’s in the mid-70’s, while during summer you may get into the mid-80’s. Kauai is wetter than the other islands and is actually home to the second (arguably THE) wettest spot on the planet at Wai`ale`ale. But this lush and verdant atmosphere is what makes Kauai the ‘Garden Isle.’ The wettest months are during the winter; late November through March which is also the time of year when humpback whales migrate to Hawaii and can be seen in the waters all over the island. If you are on Kauai during these winter months, be sure to sign up for a Whale Watch Cruise. If you want to learn more about Humpback whales, make sure to read our Whale Watching page. At any time of year, if you want a comprehensive sightseeing tour of Kauai that includes light hiking, is fully customized and totally private, make sure to reserve a day with Tread Lightly Kauai Tours. Another great option for those who are more adventurous is to go flight-seeing with Kauai by Air – operating as a flight instruction company, you get an incredible Air Tour of Kauai and have the added bonus of being able to take the controls of the plane and fly yourself!

The north and east coast is called the windward side, and is typically wetter than the rest of the island. The driest locations are in south Kauai near Poipu or further west towards Waimea and Kekaha. Ultimately most rain showers are brief and the sun quickly returns; only occasionally does a weather system bring prolonged rain to the island. To stay abreast of weather conditions, you can always check with NOAA online; we advise against listening to the Weather Channel since they’ll forecast rain every day (which is technically accurate, but it’s not rain like on the mainland – it comes in bunches as we discussed above). For more information about Kauai’s weather and the best places to stay, be sure to check out our Kauai Weather article.

The best deals, accommodations wise, are found during the months of April – May and September – early December. The holidays, especially Christmas, are the busiest time of year and prices will reflect the increased demand. During the spring and fall, visitation is typically down (meaning less crowds) and prices will reflect the decreased demand for accommodations. When you put it all together and consider the weather, crowds, demand and prices then we think the ideal months to visit are April, May, August, September, and early October. If you’re wondering where the best places to stay are located, be sure to check our Where to stay on Kauai article.