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Road to Hana Adventure Tour from Oahu with Air Ticket


Tour Highlights

Roundtrip Air Ticket to and from Maui Included
Hotel Pick Up and Drop Off Included

The Longest Scenic Route In the World

  • Ulupalakua Ranch and area
  • Backside of Maui
  • Kipahulu District
  • Wailua Waterfalls
  • Koki and Homoa Beaches Lunchtime
  • Hana/Hana Bay
  • Wainapanapa State Park & Black Sand Beach
  • The Caves at Wainapanapa State Park
  • Hana Farms
  • Wailua and Keanae
  • Waikamoi Stream and the Hamakua Ditch.
  • Rainforest
  • Hookipa Beach
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Tour Details

On this tour, we head up Haleakala Hwy through Upcountry Maui passing the town Of Pukalani, and having a wonderful Breakfast at the Pukalani Country Club Restaurant with a spectacular view of south and central Maui.

Ulupalakua Ranch and area
After breakfast, we continue our journey passing through the small town of Keokea and beautiful countryside farms and ranches on our way to the Ulupalakua Ranch. Ulupalakua Ranch is one of Maui’s oldest and largest Ranches with beautiful rolling pastures and green forest.

Backside of Maui
Leaving the ranch we enter what locals call (the backside) the most isolated part of the island. Unbelievable picture stops at the Manawainui overlook, Kaupo Ranch, St. Joseph’s Church (built in 1865) pass small towns such as Kanaio, Kahikinui, Kaupo, (including a stop at the Kaupo Store)

Kipahulu District
We now enter the Kipahulu District and the edge of the rainforest. Charles Lindbergh loved the area so much that he requested to be buried here after he died. Palapalahoomau Church is the site if his grave. Another church built in the mid-1800’s

Wailua Waterfalls
During this part of our adventure, we also start passing fresh tropical fruit stands, the first waterfalls, and more beautiful tropical coastal views. New Wailua is the largest waterfall visible from the highway and is a spectacular site to see. There are also Hawaiian craft/jewelry stands and such for the next several miles.

Koki and Homoa Beaches Lunchtime
The Ulupalakua Ranch Store provides a picnic lunch to be enjoyed at Koki Beach in Hana. Koki and Homoa beaches are 2 of the most beautiful beaches in the State of United States – and voted so by Travel Magazine more than once. Breathtaking white sand beach and turquoise colored water and the rainforest all coming together right down to the shoreline – these beaches deserves all the accolades they receive. A special place we enjoy our lunch on the beach, on a picnic table or on the picturesque lawn area.

Hana/Hana Bay
Hana is truly the gem of Hawaii. No where else in the State of Hawaii is the Hawaiian Culture more embraced. The lifestyle is laid back with a profound sense of spirituality all around. We make a brief stop to check out the town and use the restrooms. Then check out Maui’s oldest at the Harbor Hana Bay

Wainapanapa State Park & Black Sand Beach
Wainapanapa is Maui’s famous Black Sand Beach. Cobalt blue Ocean surrounded by black sand and lava rocks makes for a memorable stop. Go for a walk along the edge of the bay, check out the blue water or just sit under a nice shade tree, great place to spend a few minutes relaxing at one of the islands most beautiful places.

The Caves at Wainapanapa State Park
At the Wainapanapa State park are the historical volcanic caves which you can explore. And if you are lucky you can witness the legend of the caves come alive.  Certain times of year red shrimp appear, turning the water red. Let our tour guides tell you the legend of Princess Popoalaea.

Hana Farms
After a quick stop for coffee we start to visit the waterfalls; Hanawai, Pua’a Ka’a, Waikani Falls are all visible from the highway and make great picture stops. Pua’a Ka’a state park provides two safe and easy to access waterfalls and freshwater pools. Great place to take a swim.

Wailua and Keanae
Two small Hawaiian villages doing their best to live like the Hawaiians of old. Hunting pigs and growing Taro, Bread, Fruit, and Bananas are all big parts of everyday life in this small community. It’s also the site of the Famous Half Way to Hana Snack stand; shaved ice, fresh coconut, cold drinks and of course the Original Fresh Baked Banana Bread. The Keanae overlook and peninsula offer views of one of the largest taro farms in Hawaii.

Waikamoi Stream and the Hamakua Ditch.
The ditch is a man-made aqueduct created in the late 1800’s to move water into the central valley to be used to irrigate the Sugarcane and Pineapple fields. The flume system is used today and pumps in over 60 million gallons of water into the upcountry and central valley areas of the island. One of Maui’s 2 main water sources.

The largest area of rainforest in the state of Hawaii is along the Hana Hwy. Nahiku, helo, Wailua, are small villages nestled in the rainforest.

Hookipa Beach
Moving past Haiku the last stop of the day will be at Hookipa Beach. Considered the windsurf capital of the world enjoy a few minutes watching windsurfers, kiteboarders and surfer challenge the oceans waves and shoreline winds. What makes this such a unique Hana experience is the peacefulness of this adventure. We arrive at the popular attractions of the tour either before or after the Thousands of people that do the tour every day do.

More time for picture taking and enjoying on our tour
Making picture taking, swimming or just viewing more enjoyable. By doing the tour backward we avoid the traffic and the crowd.  We have more of everything to ourselves.

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Important Tour Info & Tips

Things to Prepare for the tour :

  1. Passport for foreign citizens.
  2. Government-issued IDs or passports for US citizens.
  3. if you would like to get your feet wet, then swimwear, towel, change of clothes.
  4. A jacket is recommended – certain parts of the airport are cold.
  5. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Included in this tour :

  1. Roundtrip ticket to and from Maui
  2. Pickup from Waikiki hotels
  3. Airport Check-in Service
  4. Breakfast in Maui at Pukalani Country Club with a choice of coffee or tea
  5. Bottled water and snacks
  6. Fully narrated tour
  7. Picnic style lunch during the tour
  8. Return Transporation to Waikiki Hotels

Pickup location for transfer to airport :

  1. Pickup from Waikiki hotels between 5:00 am and 5:20 am
  2. You will be flying to Maui on the trusted and dependable airline
  3. When you arrive in Maui you will be greeted by your tour guide at center aisle marker #4
  4. Please go downstairs in front of the automatic door.
  5. Go to the curbside – using the crosswalk go to marker #4
  6. Now you are on your way to the adventure or your life.

Frequent restroom stops

  • We know the importance of restrooms stops. Our tour guides are trained to make frequent restroom stops.

Cancellation Policy

With our hassle-free cancellation policy, rescheduling or canceling your tour if something comes up is simple to do. There are no cancellation, service, processing or change fees if your plans change for any reason at all. Just give us a call at least 48 hours in advance prior departure on tours that do not include airfare and you won’t be charged a dime! It is really that simple!

Reservations canceled less than 48 hours of the tour, or include airfare, are non-refundable.

We loved this tour! Alex was our guide, he is VERY knowledgeable of the road to Hana. He is a very courteous guide and driver! He was awesome taking pictures with our camera of us. We would very highly recommend Alex as a guide for the road to Hana. We enjoyed every moment of the tour! 5 STARS

From Trip Advisor

We booked this tour through Viator. It was a very last minute add to our plans. You get a lot with this tour! We had a great time with Alex our guide and thank god he was a skilled driver since the tight mountain passes we rarely big enough for our bus and on-coming traffic. This was an all-day trip well beyond the planned 9 hours, but as the locals say the Road to Hana is about the journey not the destination. We had a great time seeing ALL of the Road to Hana, not just the popular end that most tourist visit. Great scenic views over cliffs, pics by waterfalls, little hidden local stores and buildings, local fruit and food, sandy beaches, sea caves and spouts, and sun set beaches where the sea turtles line up by the dozens. The tour included breakfast, a bottle of water and lunch. We stopped for lunch at a place called Hana Ranch and had some of the best burgers we've ever had. I know Alex wasn't scheduled to stop there but the entire group was really glad he did.

Review from Trip Advisor

Great day!! Road to hana tour. These long trips can be exhausting, but our driver/guide, Kyle, was excellent! Picked us up on time and from the moment we got in, felt comfortable. He is very friendly and easy to work with.

Christina C - from TripAdvisor